Friday, 1 April 2011

What's up?!

They always say university is go go go, but then i swear all the work just lands on you at once... So thought i would just have a little chat about the project's which i am working on at the moment and show you them later when i am finished..

1)Fakery. A live brief from ISTD. A really open brief to take your spin on whatever you believe is fake. I have taken the path of the social media and networking sights.

2) A title sequence. A brief set from my tutor to recreate a title sequence. I chose Amalie as i thought it was perfect timing going to Paris i could take some photos and turn it into a stop animation, a lot harder than i thought!

3) My newest brief. Basically go away and write your own brief, it can be ANYTHING to do with typography. I thought about words obviously being a big part in type and would like to take some quotes and play around with different ideas to do with type and play around with hand rendered typefaces. I also want to think of a BIG way to execute the idea.

I'll update again soon and show you my outcomes!