Tuesday, 17 May 2011

"Date Me"

For one of my projects at the moment is from the ISTD live brief. It's called 'Fakery' and purely a typographic project. Im just having a play around with the different themes i could use, others have gone for political statements, or the commercial side for example make up etc... I'm having a look into the 'online presence' way and how people represent themselves, for example online dating. The above poster was experimenting with screen printing the typography and words.

I like the rough and ready feel from this 'experiment'!


"Shoot the Freak"

More from my NYC series of silk screened prints. Playing around with colours and different textures to get the right feel.  My favourite is probably the orange and blue print, i think the colours work well together and reminds me of the grittiness of Coney Island itself. Another favourite is the blue yellow and pink, however only for the reasons it feels like its playing mind tricks when you actually look at the print closely which is crazy! 

There are all A2 prints.